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Certainteed Shingle Applicator 11th Edit

certainteed shingle applicator 11th edit

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CertainTeed Shingle Applicator's Manual Video #11 - Landmark & Landmark TL Shingles

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CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual – Eleventh Edition CertainTeed Corporation P.O. Box 860 Valley Forge, PA 19482 Professional: 800-233-8990 Consumer: 800-782-8777

CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual Landmark Series 12

A comprehensive roofing specification writing tool allowing users to quickly write accurate steep- and low-slope roofing specifications for job submittal packages. Insulation iTools Quick and easy online tools and calculators that can help you determine your insulation needs, as well as how much you could save! PitchPerfect

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CertainTeed Roofing offers a wide array of residential roofing products with profiles that are as beautiful as they are durable. Click to learn more!

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Master Shingle Applicator: Certainteed Shingle Applicator's Manual, Fourth Edition [N/A] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Certainteed master shingle applicator manual 12th Related PDF files. Certainteed Shingle Applicator 11th Edition Guide. Master Shingle Applicator Wizar contained 111 the current edition of the shingle

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CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’ S MANUAL Chapter 5 45 2) two layers of 36" (915 mm) wide felt shingle underlayment lapped 19" (485 mm). Shingle underlayment should meet ASTM D6757, ASTM D4869 Type I or ASTM D226 Type I (except when applying LandMark TL or Presidential TL Shake shingles.) COLD WEATHER CLIMATES (ALL SLOPES): Applying WinterGuard

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CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’ S MANUAL FLASHING: VALLEYS, WALLS, CHIMNEYS, ETC. YOUR OBJECTIVE: To learn CertainTeed-recommended flashing installation methods and ways to apply shingles at the valleys. FLASHING INSTALLATION As you can well imagine, a good place for a leak to develop is anywhere the roof joins with walls and chimneys.

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This video is taken from our Shingle Applicator's Manual 11th Edition DVD. These videos are intended to accompany the Shingle Applicator's Manual as a training aid, not replace it.


shingles, shingle underlayment is not required for a UL Class A fire rating. WATER-RESISTANT UNDERLAYMENTS Water resistant underlayment is a product that consists of organic felt impregnated with asphalt saturant. Some water-resistant underlayments, such as CertainTeed’s Roofers’ Select, also contain a fiber glass rein -

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I passed the 7th edition last year and got a black Certainteed Master Shingle Applicator hat for passing the big test and a blue Certainteed Master shingle technoligy hat. Tried the Wizard test but never got the shirt so figure must have gotten a question wrong. Before sending in checked all my answers figured I had the shirt, but oh well.

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72056_1-91 11/7/12 4:26 PM Page 23 American Shingles - Australian Distributor & Supplier Telephone: 1300 131 881. 24 Chapter 3 CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’S MANUAL SLOPE OF A GABLE ROOF In the cross section of the roof shown in Figure 3-3 (a projection onto a horizontal plane), we can see the difference in length ...

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A&W Roofing is a certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster™ Applicator. Becoming a Shingle Master requires a commitment to professional dedication to quality craftsmanship that few other roofing companies demonstrate. Peak Performance has key employees who participate in Certainteed educational programs.

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CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’S MANUAL Chapter 4 33 PLYWOOD AND FRT (FIRE RETARDANT-TREATED) PLYWOOD To be acceptable to CertainTeed, a plywood deck must be built with plywood that is at least 3/8" thick and supported by rafters spaced 16" or 24" on center. Thicker plywood will make a better deck.

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ShingleMaster status is achieved by employing a Master Shingle Applicator qualified workforce (including one roofing job supervisor and at least two roofing installers). As a ShingleMaster we can offer you Upgraded Warranty coverage with a CertainTeed SureStart Plus warranty when installing an Integrity Roof System.

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Starter shingles: These flat shingles are installed along the eaves to add a layer of protection against ice and wind-driven rain. Shingles: The next layer is comprised of your choice of CertainTeed shingles. Ridge vent: Allowing heat and moisture to vent from the attic is essential to roof durability. Gaps are left in the roof deck at the peaks, and those gaps are covered by the vents.

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(Valley Forge, Pa.) – CertainTeed Corporation is releasing the 10th edition of the Shingle Applicator’s Manual (SAM 10), the industry’s most comprehensive, fully illustrated roofing installation manual available to roofing professionals. SAM 10 features application instructions for all CertainTeed shingle products as well as important ...

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SELECT ShingleMaster TM (SSM) - This is the top level CertainTeed roofing credential, and represents the highest standards of excellence, quality and knowledge in the shingle roofing industry. An SSM has shown extensive knowledge of shingle installation and quality through rigorous testing, and have provided CertainTeed with proof of workers' compensation and liability insurance.

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CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’ S MANUAL Chapter 10 93 FASTENING Figure 10-2: Proper and improper nailing. IMPORTANT: For decks 3⁄4" (19 mm) thick or thicker, nails must go at least 3⁄4" (19 mm) into the deck. On thinner decks, nails must go at least 1⁄8" (3.2 mm) through the deck. Nails must be 11- or 12-gauge roofing nails, corrosion ...

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Behold Roofing can help achieve that with you. Get a Quote. Why Choose Behold Roofing ... CertainTeed SHINGLE APPLICATOR. To create more beauty and safety for your roof, we follow CertainTeed shingles application methodology. FAST AND EFFICIENT WORK.

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The CertainTeed Roofing Guide is an easy and efficient way to showcase high resolution images of CertainTeed shingles. Quickly flip through multiple shingle design and color options, with products organized by regional availability, and use 'Profiles' functionality to save sets of shingle options for quick recall and viewing.

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134 Chapter 14 CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’S MANUAL Figure 14-9: Applying the first three courses on a standard slope. FIRST COURSE: Apply a full Hatteras shingle at the left corner of the roof, flush with the starter course left corner (Figure 14-9). SECOND COURSE: Cut 41⁄2" (115 mm) off the left end of a full shingle and apply the

Certainteed Shingle Applicator 11th Edit

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Certainteed Shingle Applicator 11th Edit